Wedding Party in Islam | 3 Important Things You Must Understand

Wedding Party in Islam

Wedding Party in Islam ~ Hi all readers! We all know that one of the most important moments for someone is the moment of marriage. It was a moment when two people, male and female, made a promise to live together. Many people want it to come true. Some of them are able to get married, but it's not uncommon to find someone who is unable to do so because of the cost. The words that are often heard are, "Because getting married costs a lot!"

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For some people, including some Muslims, the cost of marriage becomes an important thing that must be seriously considered. In general, these costs are a sum of money that will be used for all matters relating to marriage. Usually, the main thing is for a wedding. The question that often disturbs the minds of people about getting married is, "How much does it cost for a wedding?"

The question is very reasonable because in general people who are married will hold a wedding as a sign of happiness. But what is the status of a wedding in Islam; does it have to be done or not? If it is an obligation, how can a wedding be allowed by Islam? To be honest, as Muslims we must know that. That's why I wrote this article.

Status of Wedding Party According to Islam

All Readers! You must know that according to Islam, the wedding party is not an obligation. It is only a suggestion for people who are able to do it. So, if a Muslim is married and does not have a wedding, he is not guilty of it. He also will not sin if he does not do that even though he is actually able to do that. Remember! That's just a suggestion.

Islam encourages married people to hold weddings as proof of gratitude to Allah. But what we need to know is, that a wedding doesn't need a lot of money. Islam does not determine how much is the minimum cost and what is the maximum cost to hold a wedding. Islamic legal literacy explains that there is no minimum limit for the cost of marriage, but for people who have a lot of money, it is better the minimum standard is worth one goat, or process one goat into food to eat together.

One more important thing I want to say is, that Islam does not allow a wedding party that is burdensome for someone, because it is only a suggestion, not an obligation!

Who should be invited to the wedding?

Actually, there is no law that regulates who should be invited and who does not need to be invited to a wedding. In general, when someone has a party, he will invite neighbors, family, friends, and so forth. Likewise, the wedding party. Islam recommends that someone who holds a wedding invite neighbors, family, friends, and so forth.

But what we need to understand here is that we must not specify specific people who should be invited and certain people who should not be married. The point is, we should not only invite rich people, but we should not invite poor people at weddings. We also cannot say, "Anyone who wants to attend, please attend!" There must be a clear attitude without having to distinguish social status.

Attending a Wedding Party: Obligation or Not?

The last point I want to explain in this article is, do we have to be present at a wedding if we are invited to it?

Islamic legal literacy explains, that if we are invited to a wedding, then we must be present at the wedding, with the condition that we are able to do that and there are no things that are forbidden by Islam in the party. I think we all understand that.

All Readers! That is a brief explanation of the wedding in Islam. Do you understand? If you want to ask, please ask!

I think that's enough for this article. May be useful! Amen!

See you in the next article!

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